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The bulk of Mathom Farm's raw milk product goes to Launceston where it is processed into goat feta by Lion Dairy and Drinks who then distribute their product to supermarkets in Tasmania and on the Australian mainland.



Mathom Farm dairy goats graze the rich, clean pastures on the Leven River at Gunns Plains, NW Tasmania. Unlike in days gone by, the goats are fed on grasses, clovers and other mild-tasting plants so their milk doesn't taste strong or "goaty" as it would if they were browsing.

Mathom Farm goats' milk is not homogenised or standardised so its nutritional composition can vary throughout the year. The milk is pure and very white with initially no cream on the top, however over a period of about 7 days some cream will rise and form a plug under the cap. This should be shaken back into the milk or discarded. 

One of the benefits of consuming goats' milk is that the curd is soft and the butterfat globules small enough to be held in suspension so that enzymes in our digestive systems can work very efficiently to break them down.

Laboratory testing has shown that the shelf life of our milk is 21 days however we bring that back during summer as some retailers do not keep product under 4oC.

As it is A2, goats' milk is suitable for most people who have trouble in digesting other milks.


In 2004 Mathom Farm expanded into the goat product retail market with the introduction of its own label. Mathom Farm Goat Cheeses are available at selected local retail outlets and an increasing amount of our product goes to the best restaurants in Tasmania.

As of 05/12 these cheeses will gradually be produced in our new cheesery on-farm. For descriptions of Mathom Farm Cheeses click the label graphic opposite 


A soft, smooth (not crumbly) feta with a much less salty taste than the traditional type.

200g squares, 1kg logs


Traditional, hand-made feta cheese stored and cured in brine. This cheese can be described as having a firm, somewhat crumbly texture and a medium salty taste.

1 and 2kg buckets
6 months shelf life


Hand made and packed to a traditional Greek style recipe and marinated in canola oil, sun-dried tomatoes and Italian herbs

230g jars, 1 and 2kg buckets
6 months shelf life


A premium soft cheese made from fresh goats' milk to a traditional French recipe. This cheese can be described as having a fresh, unripened taste and a creamy, fine texture. Its mildly acid and the very mild flavour makes it appealing to the cheese connoisseur . Chevre can be substituted for other soft cheeses in salads and recipes. The light flavour of this cheese enhances the taste of other foods rather than overpowering them (as some cheeses do).

130g, 200g, 1Kg logs up to
6 months shelf life


Grapevine prunings are charcoaled in stainless steel canisters and ground into ash. The ash is edible and adds a slight nutty taste also acting as a preservative to extend the shelf life of the cheese. The consistency of this cheese is firmer that that of the natural Chevre.

153g logs up to
6 months shelf life


Tasmanian Pepperberry fruits are cracked, dried and incorporated into this Chevre. It takes on the mild peppery flavour of the fruit. The consistency of this cheese is firmer that that of the natural Chevre.

130g logs up to
6 months shelf life


Made from our freshest goat milk this mild product with its creamy finish is highly prized by discerning chefs. Its silky-soft texture makes it ideal for topping with a vast variety of dressings such as roasted capsicum, sundried tomato and herbs as well as served with a dollop of fresh fruit. Pizzas and foccacia are grateful recipients of this excellent curd. It has up to 6 weeks shelf life if kept sealed and refrigerated and can be readily frozen for later use. It's the low-fat, healthy substitute for fresh cream!

1 and 2kg buckets. Up to 6 weeks shelf life. Can be frozen.



MATHOM FARMGATE YOGHURT Made within an hour of milking so it's fresh from your local North West Tasmania dairy farm to you

This yoghurt contains acidophilus and bifidus cultures, which are probiotic cultures known to have positive health effects on the digestive system. The culture produces a thicker-set yoghurt, with a rich strong flavour, and can be mixed with fruit, honey, vanilla, or whatever you choose to make a great healthy dessert, a delicious topping for you breakfast cereal or to eat on its own!


Vanilla essence gives this yoghurt a fresh, clean taste and reduces the "tang" of natural yoghurt.

As mentioned before, goats’ milk is non-allergenic, easy to digest and low in fat. Its pure, white colour shows that unlike other domestic farm animals, goats produce milk that has fat particles so small that they are held in suspension. In other words, little rises to the top as cream so it can be described as "naturally homogenised". As the fat particles have a very large surface area to volume ratio, this makes it easy for digestive enzymes to work on them to break them down quickly and efficiently. Many people who have difficulty in digesting other dairy products find goats' milk, cheese and yoghurt no trouble at all!

Mathom Farm uses no artificial sweeteners, thickeners, permeate or non-milk additives at all. At certain times of the year when milk solids are low they may be added to assist thickening however this is in such a small proportion that it has no known deleterious effects.



We're rather proud of our new product unique to Mathom Farm! "Dairy Doe Delight" is a light, low-fat natural dessert that has the consistency of soft-serve ice cream. It's made with an ABY culture which, being rich in the probiotics Acidophilus and Bifidus, makes for a healthy "inside". This product is made in Strawberry, Raspberry and Ginger Lemon and Lime flavours and when in season, features fresh berries from Turner's Beach Berry Patch and the Latrobe Cherry Shed.

Dairy Doe Delight can be presented in cones (just like an ice cream!), waffles, brandy snaps or used wherever you would use double cream. 

Product sizes are 140g single serves and 230g for retail distribution; and 2.4 or 3kg buckets for restaurants, caterers and cafes.


Pet goats are available throughout the first four months of the season, August to December. Because coloured and Nubian-type kids are more popular as pets, kids from the commercial herd are being dealt with separately. We can supply 3-day-olds that have been fed on colostrum.


Another premium product from Mathom Farm Goat Dairy, your supplier of all things goat! A pure, light-hearted, cheeky and natural product as used for 1000s of years for the moistening of dry skin and the treatment of psoriasis, dermatitis and excema.
Fresh Goats’ milk; Natural palm and palm
kernel oil; Glycerine; Coconut oil;Vegetable
base; Titanium doixide whitening (This is NOT Anatase TiO2 and contains no nano-particles.)
100g tablets


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